İşletme (İngilizce)

İşletme (İngilizce)

Distance Learning Business Programme

Master of Business Administration Distance Learning is a non-thesis master’s program designated by the cooperation of Ataturk University Distance Learning Center and Institute of Social Sciences for those who want to integrate further education into their professional and personal life. Business Management degree is a work-based, distance learning degree and aims to break down the barriers between learning at work and learning at university. The programme takes into account the high levels of skills and learning that are demonstrated every day in the workplace and provides a degree framework to support and accredit this learning.

The programme is open to all suitably qualified candidates and offers an opportunity to transfer your academic qualifications and work experience to achieve a degree in Business Management.

About Program

Program Scope

The ATAUZEM MBA by distance learning provides you with the skills necessary to become an adept manager in today’s global business environment. The degree covers a broad spectrum of business and management subjects, calling on a wide range of expertise. It allows you to concentrate on general management or to tailor the course to suit your individual career needs. Areas of specialism include marketing, finance and employee relations.

Program is designed to support academic development of people who are working in the field of business and management and those who are interested in these subjects. Program started at the academic year of 2012-2013 and has been run by the cooperation of Ataturk University Distance Learning Center and Institute of Social Sciences. Program is designed to meet both national and international requirements.

Students who complete all courses (11 courses / 33 credits) and term project will have a right to get non-thesis master degree from “Institute of Social Sciences”.

Students will take one mid-term and one final exam for each course in the program.

Grading: %20 Midterm Exam + %80 Final Exam

All the transactions are conducted according to the “Ataturk University Graduate Education Regulations” and “ATAUZEM Implementation Fundamentals”

Click for the Ataturk University Graduate Education Regulations.

Degree program application requirements and instructions are available on our Admissions pages.

Click for ATAUZEM Implementation Fundamentals.



For admission to the Distance Learning Business Administration, an applicant must hold either a baccalaureate degree.

All master and non-thesis master admissions are made to the related Institutes and Institutes carry out and evaluate all admissions.

Admissions are made to the related institutes with the required documents in application period. 

Pre-registration Documents

  1. 1 Photo
  2. A copy of Undergraduate Diploma
  3. A copy of Transcript which shows all grades and prade point average of undergraduate education
  4. Pre-registration Admissions are made to Institute of Social Sciences via internet and admission document must be delivered personally or via mail.
  1. Application Fee of 50 (fifty) TL must be paid to account of Ataturk University Support and Development Association (Ataturk University Vakıfbank Branch Account Number: 00158007296932226)  as against cost of printing, communication and stationery expenses.
  1. Candidates for graduate school can choose five different departments to be enrolled. Admissions of candidates who dont make any choices are not be taken for evaluation. Registrations are made during the announced date.

Tuition Fee

You find the information about the payment on Instutue web site. The fee includes study materials, registration, tuition, examination, and graduation.

Ataturk University Academic Calendar for the education year of 2016-2017 for Business Administration non-thesis Master Program
 Fall Semester Başlangıç Bitiş
Course Registration 19.09.2016 23.09.2016
Education 26.09.2016 01.01.2017
The end of Distance Learning Education —–
Midterm Exam 14.11.2016  18.11.2016
Final Exam 07.01.2017
Makeup Exam 04.02.2017


Ataturk University Academic Calendar for the education year of 2016-2017 for Business Administration non-thesis Master Program
 Spring Semester Başlangıç Bitiş
Course Registration 22.02.2017 28.02.2017
Education 27.02.2017 04.06.2017
The end of Distance Learning Education  —–
Midterm Exam It will be advertised.
Final Exam It will be advertised.
Makeup Exam It will be advertised.


D.Kod Ders Adı T/U/K Z/M/S AKTS
IIUE 501 Management 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 502 Financial Accounting 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 503 Marketing Management 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 504 Organizational Behaviour 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 511 Analysisof Financial Statements 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 510 Production Management 3/0/3 Z 6
Toplam 18/0/18


D.Kod Ders Adı T/U/K Z/M/S AKTS
IIUE 505 Financial Management 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 506 Strategic Management 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 507 Management Information Systems 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 508 Logistics and Aplying Chain Management 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 509 International Busıness Management 3/0/3 Z 6
IIUE 198 Dönem Projesi 0/0/0 Z 24
Toplam 15/0/15

*Dönemdeki derslerin hepsi zorunludur. İlgili dönemde okuyan öğrenciler, sadece kendi dönemindeki dersleri seçeceklerdir.


How do I learn?

For maximum convenience, your course is delivered almost entirely online. Throughout your studies you will be supported by module leaders, specialists in their field, who will guide you through the course requirements, assignments and facilitate discussions

Online Courses

We use technology intelligently at every stage of our programme to keep you connected.

  • Online interaction
  • Virtual classroom,
  • Online resources
  • Multimedia e-learning
  • Online assessment tests

Because of the ease with which the interface allows you to share and analyze content and spreadsheets as a group, your professors often use online classes to focus on technical issues, allowing for a richer discussion when your class meets together. Recordings of online classes are

To Access to online courses and watching course recordings students must login to the OBS (Education Management System) by using their login names and passwords.

Online Resources

ATATUZEM MBA program provides MBA resources and study tools for MBA students. Once you have enrolled your study materials will be made available to you. This normally happens at least one week prior to the start of the semester.

The study materials are produced by the subject expert who will be teaching you, in conjunction with a team of learning and presentation experts

Students choose online courses over face-to-face courses for many different reasons.  Online delivery is more convenient for students who are physically located too far from campus, who like to work independently, or who have schedules preventing them from attending traditional classes.

What to expect in an online MBA course:

  • Faculty lectures recorded in a state-of-the-art media studio
  • High levels of student/faculty interaction
  • The ability to study when it is most convenient for your schedule
  • The same education quality as face-to-face courses
  • Technical support dedicated to online MBA students

Online MBA courses in the ATAUZEM are taught only by professors with earned doctorates.  These individuals are all full-time faculty at Ataturk University who consistently publish research in their fields.  And because the faculty and classes meet the same high standards for online as face-to-face courses, your transcript will not indicate whether your degree was in the classroom, online, or a mix of the two methods.

You can reach the courses and online tool by clicking www.atuzem.atauni.edu.tr

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admissions requirements to be a student at the program?

The academic standard required for this online MBA is of the same high level as the on-campus degree.

Minimum Computer Requirements For Online Classes.

1.8 GHZ processor, 1 GB Ram, 256 MB motherboard, 40 GB hard disk and a webcam and headphones with microphone for live sessions are required. 

How much does it cost to take a distance optics class?

Distance learning tuition and fees are available on ATAUZEM website. Some tuition waivers are available for distance learning students; please see the Tuition, Fees & Funding page to find out which may apply to you. 

How does distance learning work?

One of the major differences of distance learning is the level and type of interaction you have with your lecturer and fellow students. Unlike campus-based courses you do not have the same opportunity to meet fact to face with your lecturers and students on a regular basis. The online learning environment allows you to share and exchange ideas with fellow students and lecturers. Depending on the paper you are enrolled in, you can also access the latest news in your subject, study notes, recent articles, online presentations, assignments, activities, and tests. 

How Do Exams Work for Online Classes?

Exams for online students are – as you might guess – administered online, usually at the end of particular sections of material. The way the class is structured will be up to the professor, but there will generally be smaller exams throughout the course, possibly a mid-term, and then one final exam at the end of the course. Exams will aim to test a student’s comprehension of the material covered and can take any format that best assesses that knowledge.

Aside from broad similarities, everything about how tests are actually administered in online courses differs from the way they’re handled in traditional classes. Students take the tests on their own computers in a location of their choosing. 

Is distance education a separate degree?

No. You will be awarded the same degree as all other graduate students admitted to the Graduate Certificate, M.S. or Ph.D. programs. 

If I drop a course or disenroll from the program can I get what I paid?

No, you can not get any refund.

Does a distance class require as much time as its on-campus counterpart?

As in any course, the amount of time actually invested depends on the student and varies on a course-by-course basis. The same faculty teach both distance and on-campus classes; the courses are designed to teach the same material and require the same amount of student commitments. There may be some additional time for homework submissions and completion of exams. 

Am I required to visit or be on campus?

The Graduate Certificate program requirements can be completed entirely by distance with no campus visit. 

Does distance learning mean I will not interact with other students or faculty?

No. Students talk to and develop rapport with instructors and even fellow classmates through email, discussion boards, chatrooms and telephone calls. Some courses have live recitation sessions that encourage your participation. You will also be given the choice to share your email address with other distance students that are taking the same course

How are distance classes delivered?

You can take the courses electronically via streamed video and view the lectures on the Web. The lectures are posted to the Web immediately after they are taught and will be available to view anytime throughout the entire semester. The Web lectures are password-protected. You will be given a password before the semester begins to access the lectures.

How long do distance classes last?

Distance classes run the full length of the semester, same as on-campus classes. Additional time is sometimes granted for coordinating of final exams and submissions of all course material.

How long does it take to complete a master’s degree by distance?

The M.S. in Business Administration degree program takes approximately one and half years to obtain a master’s degree if you take classes full-time. If you take one course a semester, it is going to take longer. Speak with the graduate academic advisor for more information and details.



Program Koordinatörleri
Prof. Dr. Turan ÖNDEŞ
Web adresi için tıklayınız.
Program Sorumlusu
Filiz Kaya
Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Aşağıdaki işlemler Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü tarafından gerçekleştirilmektedir.

  • Öğrenci özlük işlemlerini yürütmek (yeni kayıt, öğrenci belgesi, askerlik belgesi, transkript, mezuniyet vb. belgeler)
  • Öğrencilerin eğitim-öğretim ile ilgili taleplerini karşılamak veya ilgili birimlere yönlendirmek
  • Yönetmelik ile ilgili düzenlemeleri öğrencilere ilan etmek
  • Dönem projesi işlemlerini yürütmek
  • ÖBS üzerinden öğrenci şube ve grup atamalarının ÖYS’ye uygun bir şekilde yapılmasını sağlamak

E-mail: sosbil@atauni.edu.tr

Web adresi için tıklayınız.

Assessment and Evaluation

For each courses one mid term and one final exam are conducted.

Yoruma kapalı.